Tropics® Mixology Joins the Bevolution!

In November 2015, we drafted industry superstar Tropics Mixology to be a part of Bevolution Group. Well-known throughout the restaurant and hospitality industries for the best quality, bold flavors, and bountiful variety, the portfolio of brands is perfectly aligned with our commitment to bring so much good to our partners.

Tropics Mixology has become a well-known and trusted player in the premium cocktail and smoothie mix category. The line-up includes…

The broad line of frozen Tropics Mixology cocktail and smoothie mixes is made with only the highest quality fruits and ingredients. Satisfying the clean label trends, these premium mixes use real sugar and are made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Available in 18 fresh flavors from Wildberry Açai to Lemon Ice, or Orange Pineapple to Pink Guava.

Tiki Tropics is a tropics-inspired line that includes Banana Mix, Mango Mix, Strawberry Mix, Margarita Sour Mix, and Piña Colada Mix. These cocktail and smoothie mixers are shelf stable and are made only with pure cane sugar (no artificial sweeteners). And are always preservative-free!

Coco Tropics is made the Carribean’s highest-quality coconuts, bringing a flavor-packed punch of a Pina Colada to your cocktail program. There are even an array of applications in the kitchen. It’s perfect for cocktails, smoothie, desserts, cooking, baking, and more!

Tropics Refreshers are handcrafted, real fruit-forward iced beverages that get a little extra oomph of caffeine from green coffee bean extract.  Refreshers are perfect for those looking for a caffeine alternative made with pure cane sugar and natural flavors.

Download the official Tropics Mixology Aquisition press release to learn more.

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