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Since 2001, Cafe Essentials has been your go-to source for irresistibly delicious frappes and hot beverages that are incredibly easy to serve. From our wide range of options including chai, teas, mochas, cocoas, crèmes, and specialty coffees, Cafe Essentials has always been dedicated to providing a delightful experience. Our beverages are sweetened with pure cane sugar, blended in the USA, and are gluten-free with no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors.

Preparing our gourmet beverage blends is a breeze—just add milk or water, and you’re ready to serve your customers a delightful treat. Our shelf-stable products are carefully crafted to ensure maximum convenience without compromising on taste or quality. With Cafe Essentials, you can trust that each sip will be a truly indulgent experience.

With an impressive selection of 32 flavors to choose from, Cafe Essentials allows you to expand your frappe hot and cold line and surprise your customers with exciting and delightful options. Whether they crave a rich and creamy frappe or a comforting and aromatic hot beverage, our range of flavors has something for every taste.

Cafe Essentials is your partner in creating memorable and enjoyable beverage experiences. With our high-quality ingredients and commitment to taste and convenience, we make it easy for you to provide your customers with extraordinary drinks. Elevate your frappe and hot beverage menu with the irresistible offerings from Cafe Essentials.

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