The Lemon-X Legacy, born in 1962, stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in mixology.

As the pioneer of liquid sour mix, Lemon-X revolutionized the beverage industry. From its inception, bars and restaurants in Manhattan and across the United States have relied on this iconic mixer brand to elevate their offerings and delight their patrons.

Our cocktail classic brand has been a steadfast source of satisfaction, consistently delivering time-honored favorites such as the Bloody Mary and Golden Margarita. These traditional classics are the cornerstone of the Lemon-X brand’s reputation as the ultimate bartender’s mix.

For decades, Lemon-X has been synonymous with quality, taste, and reliability. Our cocktail mixes are available in versatile options, including 1-liter and 1-gallon bottles, as well as the convenient bag-in-box packaging. This ensures that every establishment, regardless of size, can access our exceptional shelf-stable mixers.

The Lemon-X collection spans an array of flavors that cater to diverse palates.

From the timeless Sour Mixer and No Sugar Added Sour Mixer to the Margarita Mixer Made with Agave, Bloody Mary Mixer, Hot & Spicy Bloody Mary Mixer, Piña Colada Mixer, and Classic Margarita Mixer, our range embodies both tradition and innovation. Additionally, our product line features tantalizing fruit options like Strawberry Passion Fruit, Mango Passion, and Triple Berry, bringing a fresh and exciting twist to the mix.

The Lemon-X Legacy isn’t just about mixers; it’s about enhancing experiences and creating lasting memories. With each pour, Lemon-X celebrates its history of excellence while embracing the future of mixology. Our commitment to flavor, and versatility continues to make Lemon-X the trusted choice for bartenders and mixologists.

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