The Lemon-X Legacy: Launched in 1962, Lemon-X was the very first liquid bar sour ever to hit the market.

From the very start, bars and restaurants around Manhattan and then the country have counted on this iconic mixer to boost their bottom line and make their customers happy.


The Juice Tyme Legacy: Founded in 1980, Juice Tyme has been an industry leader.

The company’s product categories include juice and juice drinks, thickened and enhanced waters, sport and energy drinks and more. The company’s Juice Pack® bag-in-box packaging innovation changed standards for freshness across the industry.


The Tropics Mixology Legacy: Known for its innovative line of cocktail mixers, natural fruit infusions, and smoothie mixes.

The Tropics Mixology brand has pioneered and defined the cocktail culture that was once a fad and is now a standard. Today, they are a sweetheart of the restaurant and bar industry.


The Dr. Smoothie Legacy: Creator of the first shelf stable fruit smoothie mix free of artificial ingredients. This brand has revolutionized the smoothie and specialty beverage category several times.

Each Dr. Smoothie blend offers a healthy dose of the unexpected. The clean label lineup ranges from certified organic smoothie concentrates to decadent frappes and specialty beverages. And that’s just the beginning. We’re your daily dose of delicious.


Since forming in 2015, four beverage industry leaders have combined their separate portfolios and became a new company: Bevolution Group.

As Bevolution Group we are rejuvenated with a renewed commitment to leading the foodservice beverage industry. Our core offerings include a wide breadth of beverage solutions, superior service strategies, and a dedicated approach to business partnerships that drive revenues.

With over 60 years of beverage innovations for thousands of customers across the United States and the Caribbean, Bevolution Group can be your partner to help you offer the beverage program your customers are seeking. Launch your beverage program with our on-trend, in-stock Cafe Essentials Chai, Tea, Cocoa, Crème, Mocha, and Specialty Coffee Powders, Dr. Smoothie Addins Functional Supplements, Vegan Proteins, and Whey Proteins, Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed, Organic, and Classic Smoothie Bases, Refreshers Naturally Caffeinated Juice Concentrates, Tropics Cocktail and Mocktail Shelf-Stable and Frozen Puree Mixers, Tiki Tropics Mixers, Coco Tropics Mixers, Tropics Infusions, Tropics Juices, Lemon-X Margarita and Sour Mixes, and Refrasia Hospital and Healthcare Solutions – Shelf Stable Juices, Lemonades, Supplements, Thickening Waters, Teas, Dry Mix Replacements, and Hydration Beverages.  Let Bevolution Group be your one-stop beverage solution no matter the type of business – Bars, Restaurants, Cafe & Smoothie Shops, Education, Healthcare, and Hospitality.

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