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The Bevolution Group name is inspired by our team’s commitment to evolving and innovating. With no stone left unturned while reviewing and reinvigorating our product portfolio, we are pleased to share the latest enhancements to our new Refrasia™ tea line!

The signature selection now features a concentrate exclusive to Bevolution Group — a unique blend of choice cut, black tea from India and Sri Lanka. The improved formulas yield cleaner, on-trend products free from artificial caramel color. The manufacturing process ensures that every glass served maintains perfect clarity and flavor, even over an extended time. Consistent clarity and flavor — no matter who is making your iced tea — that is the promise this line delivers. With this enhancement, we’ve already started!

Taste and enjoy our caffeine-free Peach, Raspberry, White Tea with Pomegranate, and Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng flavors. Options include sweet, unsweetened, as well as sugar-free.

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