Bevolution Group is heeding the call of duty in response to the coronavirus pandemic by adding a new product to our lineup of smoothie and cocktail mixers, enhanced waters, and more: hand sanitizers. 

The first batch of FDA-approved antibacterial is scheduled to be produced and shipped as early as mid-April. 


As a leading foodservice and specialty beverage manufacturer, we are proud to be able to step up and fill a national need, notes CEO Sam Lteif.  

“Repurposing our supply chain to make and distribute hand sanitizer was an easy decision. For us,” Lteif continues, “it’s about making a positive impact in the lives of our partners and the community.”

The shift to produce hand sanitizer is simply the latest example of the B2B brand’s initiative and resourcefulness. While antibacterial hand sanitizer greatly differs from the premium and super-premium beverages Bevolution Group normally makes, being nimble and responsive is one of our core values.

The fact that we were able to take the idea of producing hand sanitizer from concept to commercialization in fewer than 30-days shows that we are truly living our values. 

The first cases of FDA-approved hand sanitizer, available in 6-64 ounce and 4-1 gallon pack sizes, are scheduled to be produced and shipped as early as next week. The advanced antibacterial will join the brand’s healthcare portfolio, Refrasia Care.