Where Craveable Cocktails Begin

This is where the real flavor is. Since joining Bevolution Group in 2015, our partners have been getting juiced up over the creative, innovative and fresh flavors from our Tropics brand.

Our restaurant and bar partners are especially smitten with the Tropics’ expanded flavor profiles. From frozen to shelf stable, the versatile lineup offers an extraordinary variety of tempting cocktail mixes and more. Just taste our on-trend, clean label Tropics Mixology products — they’re made with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and no HFCS.

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Your Daily Dose of Delicious

There’s nothing ordinary about this wholesome lineup, ranging from certified organic smoothie concentrates to decadent frappes and specialty beverages to natural energy drinks. That’s because their clean label and shelf-stable, flavor-forward and good for you.

Dr. Smoothie provides simple yet delicious on-the-go beverage solutions you can feel good about serving your customers. That’s because only the best ingredients are used and nothing unexpected.

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A Cocktail Classic

Serving up consistently tasty, traditional classics like the Bloody Mary or Golden Margarita is what has made the Lemon-X brand known as the bartender’s mix.

Since launching the first liquid bar sour on the market in 1962, bars and restaurants around Manhattan (and then the country) have counted on this iconic line of cocktail mixes. They remain a favorite today among bartenders and cocktail drinkers alike.

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Beverage Solutions That Make a Splash

Refrasia takes a fresh approach to satisfying nearly every foodservice segment and application need. The benefits of this comprehensive brand are bottomless.

Named for its refreshing, thirst-quenching qualities, this is our most comprehensive line of offerings, including Juices, Lemonades, Teas, Enhanced Waters, Sports & Energy Drinks, and Thickened Water too. Refrasia beverage solutions deliver on the high-quality and big flavor that today’s customers want and that you expect.   

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Thirsty for More?

This is just the beginning! We offer several tempting beverage portfolios within our flagship brands.

Tropics Mixology - Frozen

Fresh Tasting, Frozen Cocktail Mixers

What doesn’t go into our frozen mixers matters every bit as much as what does. No artificial colors or flavors. No preservatives or HFCS. Just all-natural ingredients sourced from the world’s best-growing regions. You can count on Tropics Mixology because it’s made with real fruit and it’s clean label – always has been. That’s the Tropics difference. Taste all 19 variants packed in 32 ounce frozen cartons. Download the frozen Tropics Mixology sell sheet or visit tropics-beverages.com to learn more.

Tiki Tropics

Inspired Cocktail & Smoothie Mixers

The rich and juicy flavors of Tiki Tropics come from its Caribbean ingredients and are naturally sweetened with cane sugar – never HFCS. It’s a simple choice that makes this shelf-stable mixer as tasty as it is easy-to-use. Island inspired flavors range from Piña Colada and Margarita Sour to Mango, available in 64 ounce bottles. Download our Tiki Tropics sell sheet or visit tropics-beverages.com to learn more.

Coco Tropics

The Very Best Cream of Coconut

It’s called the “Finest Cream of Coconut” for a good reason. Coco Tropics is made with the Caribbean’s highest quality coconuts. That makes it perfect for all sorts of tasty treats: cocktails, smoothies, desserts.  It’s also great for cooking and baking. Available in 15 and 57 ounce cans. Download our Tiki Tropics sell sheet or visit tropics-beverages.com to learn more.

Tropics Infusions

Clean Label Vitamin Enhanced Waters

Rich in vitamins C, B3, B5, B6 and B12, these clean label taste sensations make hydration and functionality a packaged deal. They’re even fortified with extra goodness like calcium and potassium. Pure cane sugar and Stevia add just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy consumers’ enhanced expectations. Packed in 128 ounce frozen cartridges. Download the Tropics Infusions sell sheet or visit tropics-beverages.com to learn more.

Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed®

Made with Real Fruits & Veggies

We’re crushing it. Our 100% Crushed smoothies are made with real, ripe fruits and vegetables to deliver creative flavor combinations inspired by nature. Download our Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed sell sheet or visit drsmoothie.com to learn more.


Dr. Smoothie Organic

Bursting with Flavor, Not GMOs

Each carefully crafted Organic smoothie formula features organic ingredients and is produced in our USDA organic-certified Dr. Smoothie facility. Download our Dr. Smoothie Organic sell sheet or visit drsmoothie.com to learn more.

Dr. Smoothie Classic

Enhanced with Pure Cane Sugar

Juicy Dr. Smoothie concentrates featuring ripe, just-picked fruit and veggies sweetened with pure cane sugar, not HFCS. It’s the best of everything. Download our Dr. Smoothie Classic sell sheet or visit drsmoothie.com to learn more.


Dr. Smoothie Refreshers

A Natural Source of Energy

Made with green coffee extract, Dr. Smoothie Refreshers boast the fruit flavor and natural energy consumers love without the toasted flavor. Visit drsmoothie.com to learn more.

Dr. Smoothie ADDins

Gourmet Specialty Beverage Blends

Boost your beverage functional benefits with a scoop of Dr. Smoothie ADDins for a proprietary blend of proteins and vitamins. Download our Dr. Smoothie Cafe Essentials sell sheet or visit drsmoothie.com to learn more.


Dr. Smoothie Cafe Essentials

Gourmet Specialty Beverage Blends

Gourmet beverage blends that are easy to serve hot, iced or blended, but hard to resist. Products range to include Chai & Tea, Mocha, Specialty Coffee, Cocoa and Creme. Download our Dr. Smoothie Cafe Essentials sell sheet or visit drsmoothie.com to learn more.


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